Dr. Jonathan Segreti

While achieving his Bachelors in Health Sciences at Drexel, Jon spent time working with the rehabilitation department at Hahnemann Hospital. This department was comprised of physical and occupational therapists where Dr. Jon was exposed to a multitude of different patients and personalities. This aided Dr. Jon in the development of passion and dedication for patient’s and their recovery. After sustaining a serious training injury, Jon was first exposed to chiropractic care and ultimately became the driving factor for Jon to switch from his former career path and pursue a career as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

As a former athlete Dr. Jon has always had a deep rooted passion for sports. This helped him make an easy transition into aiding athletes to achieve their full potential through chiropractic treatment. During his tenure at Palmer Chiropractic College in Daytona Beach Florida, Jon served as a member of the sports council and was highly sought after by local youth athletes in the Palmer Clinic. There, the majority of his patients consisted of football, volleyball, weightlifting, swimming and track athletes in high school and collegiate levels. This allowed him the opportunity to grow his versatility and expand his dynamic chiropractic portfolio. The exposure during this short period helped develop a craft that Dr. Jon hopes to carry far into his doctorate career and provide benefit to all in need.

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