Jeremy Dinkin

With a strong background in Strength & Conditioning, nutrition, and rehabilitation, Dr. Jeremy brings a unique approach to Chiropractic. With the perspective and empathy from an athletes standpoint, he understands what it takes to go from injury to maximum performance. He wants to continue the paradigm shift happening with Chiropractic in this new era of patient centered, evidence based care that empowers and educates each patient, utilizing an intelligent approach to treatment. Dr. Jeremy graduated from the University of Southern California Health Sciences in December 2018. In his spare time, Dr. Jeremy loves to train in the weight room, surf, eat at new food places (fancies himself a donut connoisseur), and travel around the world. He enjoys reading and listening to podcasts, listening to music and watching sports of all kinds. He is extremely proud of his Croatian heritage and loves to be there in the summertime.