Dr. Brian Kennedy

Dr. Brian Kennedy is a Physical Therapist at the Health and Fitness Professional office located in Woodbridge, NJ. He has been working for multiple years in outpatient clinics, specializing in the treatment of sports injuries, post-surgical care, migraines, back and neck pain. Dr. Brian received his Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from Philadelphia University, but after working in his field, decided that he wanted a direct effect on his client’s care and returned to school to receive his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Widener University. Dr. Brian has been working to improve his abilities within orthopedics in order to acquire higher specialties within the field. Brian enjoys spending his free time with his wife (Jackie), two dogs (Buster and Lena) and new baby daughter. Dr. Brian likes to employ a well-rounded holistic treatment approach to ensure a full and long-lasting effect!

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